Content SEO Title – Putty In Your Hand


In my last technical post titled Content SEO – Hidden in Plain Sight, I exposed a caveat in the way the title of a content item is auto-crafted by Liferay. Here’s an excerpt from that article, which I hope highlights the problem. If not, I encourage you to give that post a read..

Note that the Title specified is Young Night. But if you look at what got into the page source above, you can see we had: Young Night – Browse Poems – Liferay. The page name and site name seem to get suffixed to the Title.

So, here is how I solved it:

Over at LSNA2016, I hunted down the Content Management Roadmap table and found Julio Camarero crowded by rabid developers bombarding him with all sorts of CMS questions. I took my seat across from him… and waited.
…and waited
…and waited

I eventually spied the door open and shamelessly stuck my foot in. In a blast of what felt like 400 words, I explained the problem as alluded to in my previous post hyperlinked at the top of this article.

Julio nodded and responded with – I paraphrase – “Yeah, there’s a JSP in the asset publisher where we construct the content title in that way. Email me in a couple days.”

Here’s the full article on


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