Stopping By Abou Shousha’s On A Snowy Evening

I decided to try out something I have not done before, but have seen done pretty well: technical documentation through story-telling. I’ve always believed that knowledge-sharing can be a lot more engaging on the back of a story. So, here you go.
“I LOVE tags,” Jaffer managed despite a mouthful of spiced lamb ouzie.
Sergei was finding the younger guest a bit annoying. The kid had ambled in from the snow to get a bite. Sergei himself had come in to escape the noise that seasoned other cafeterias. He fancied Abou Shousha’s Mediterranean Oasis for its laid back ambience, not to mention the unending supply of Maghrebi mint tea.
And now, this kid.
“They’re okay,” he mumbled before returning to crafting an XPATH expression for his ADT.
Jaffer’s jaw dropped open.
“Okay? You got to be kidding me. Tags are PHENOMENAL. I mean, what else do you need to organize and query all that content?”
Sergei ignored him, but it wasn’t easy.
“Huh? Right? Am I right?” Jaffer persisted as shreds of ouzie drizzled out of his mouth onto the platter below.
Sergei broke away from his laptop and turned to face the young programmer.
“Have you heard of categories?”

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I’m curious to see how the readership responds to it. Who know, maybe Sergei and Jaffer can become fixtures on these posts.


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