Running a portal instance now

My new experimental portal is running at


I should have done this a long time ago. I’m using it to run the live code I blog about on either or here. I also moved the code out into this Github repository.

This hopefully ties together a little bit nicer.

That was it. Oh, and my most recent installment is now on my blog. Excerpt below.

Let me begin by clarifying that this post has nothing to do with the Harry Potter universe.
But seriously. You know what I mean by wizards, don’t you? Those helpful series of screens that gather a set of choices from the user and then use the captured choices to do something for the user. Often times, one user selection can lead to a different outcome that the other choices on the same screen.
It turns out I am faced with a requirement to build such a wizard. And the requirements are a little bit amorphous. So I asked myself the same question I have come to ask before embarking on a multi-layered application development effort:
Can I do accomplish this with the content management system?
Or more verbosely stated as:
Are all the layers I need to accomplish this already there for me?
Well, the answer is yes. It can be done using the CMS. And it can be powerful and flexible.

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